Navarro Group's capabilities and experiences enable us to handle all of your business administrative needs and areas of opportunity for your organization. This is only a starting point, as we can adapt our offerings based on your needs.

Program Development

  • Prepare packets and other materials needed or requested by the Executive Committee for Board and/or committee meetings
  • Prepare and distribute all communications sent to contacts
  • Answer and return calls and emails within a timely manner
  • Support committee chairs as needed
  • Maintain accurate contact and volunteer databases
  • Manage volunteer activities, including volunteer training and recognition
  • Coordinate and produce annual directory
  • Proofread, layout, have printed, and distribute newsletters
  • Work with committees to plan and coordinate meetings and other events, including the negotiation and handling of all facility and meal arrangements
  • Track RSVP's for meetings and events and facilitate registration fees (credit card and cash payments)
  • Attend and organize set-up and registration at meetings and other events as needed
  • Format monthly networking events, including setting up the schedules and assigning members to groups.
  • Set up and run events, both face to face and virtual.

Marketing and Public Relations

Need a website? Need a new logo or branding package? Need help with marketing strategy? Let Navarro Group be your marketing partner.
  • Graphic design: whether your organization needs an entire branding package or a refresh of what you currently use, we are ready to present your brand in the best possible light
  • Website design and development, as well as on-going website maintenance
  • Website updates including: promptly making changes as needed; posting newsletters, events, press releases and other materials; updating, reorganizing, and re-formatting the website as requested and as appropriate
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Social media: do you need regular posting or a full social media strategy? We can meet you where you are and help you achieve your social media goals.
  • Public relations: distribute news releases as directed by the PR chair, based on database provided by the PR chair
  • Distribute other announcements and communications as needed, including weekly/monthly electronic communications
  • Copywriting and editing
  • Market events and happenings with your organization, from strategy to execution


Provide all accounting/bookkeeping services, all to be conducted in a timely manner, including:
  • Balancing checking / investment accounts and providing Treasurer with monthly reconciliations
  • Providing Treasurer with monthly financial reports
  • Maintaining financial records, including accounting backups on disk
  • Making all deposits, paying bills, updating records, maintaining vendor relationships
  • Preparing annual budget and related budget versus actual reports
  • Providing Treasurer with financial records to prepare annual tax return